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Attorney Fees and Expenses on Syngenta’s® Corn settlement may cost farmers over $500,000,000.

LES Can Help You REDUCE or ELIMINATE Contingent Attorney Fees
in the GMO Corn Class Action.

Legal Expense Solutions (LES) acts as a guide for saving thousands in attorney fees.

As a farmer, you have probably received dozens of solicitations from lawyers.  Did you hire an attorney for the Syngenta Corn Seed Settlement?  Did you agree to pay 33 or 40 percent, plus expenses to your attorney?

LES may be able to help.  As an advocate for our clients, we will:

  • Provide an estimate of the claim’s dollar value.
  • Inform you of your options to reduce your legal fees.
  • Guide and assist you step by step to negotiate a fee reduction with your attorney.
  • And may be able to significantly reduce or eliminate your fees.

If you are not comfortable negotiating with your attorney, LES can do it for you.

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The Syngenta® Corn Seed Settlement

Syngenta® agreed to pay $1.51 billion to settle claims related to the sale and marketing of its Agrisure Viptera and Duracade corn seeds.

Your rights are affected and you are eligible to participate in the settlement if you are one of the following: 1. Corn Producer: Any Corn Producer in the U.S. with an interest in U.S. corn priced for sale between September 15, 2013 and present (including certain landlords); 2. Grain Handling Facility: Any Grain Handling Facility in the U.S. with an interest in U.S. corn priced for sale between September 15, 2013 and present; or 3. Ethanol Production Facility: Any Ethanol Production Facility in the United States with an interest in U.S. corn, including DDGs, priced for sale between September 15, 2013 and present.

Official Court Authorized website,  www.cornseedsettlement.com

Who is Legal Expense Solutions

Legal Expense Solutions (“LES”) was founded by class action and legal industry veterans. The executive team possesses a wide array of expertise and over 55 combined years of experience. They have worked in numerous phases of the class action and mass tort arenas.

LES has partnered with a nationally recognized certified fraud examiner. (CFE)

LES is uniquely qualified to analyze fees and other legal expenses, and to advocate for clients’ rights.

Its President, Adam Brunet

Mr. Brunet’s family corn farm has been operating in Illinois for the last 160 years. After graduating from the University of Minnesota with a degree in Agricultural Business Management and Finance, he went to work as a commodities broker. He has spent the last 13 years assisting class action claimants ranging from individual farmers to Fortune 500 corporations. During this time, several individual clients received recoveries of over $3M. He was personally responsible for over a billion dollar in class action claims. He worked closely with multiple Class Counsel firms to identify and retain plaintiffs to bring cases to court-a key step in the class action process. Many of the nation’s top bankruptcy trustees and general counsels routinely sought his assistance with antitrust claims. This vast experience has given him a unique view of the class action fee “game.”

LES is a private company and is not affiliated with the claims administrator or any parties associated with this settlement. LES charges a fee for specific services. These services include assisting clients with an analysis of their claim and the fees and expenses associated with it. Claimants can do nothing or act on their own, without incurring any fee. There is no guarantee that you will receive any money. LES is not a law firm and we do not give legal advice.
Official Court Authorized website,  www.cornseedsettlement.com